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Yoga Note Cards

Fine art yoga note cards when you want to send a thank you note or just a bit of daily Zen.

Bharadvaja's Twist  [Mermaid] Yoga Pose Bharadvajasana
Bharadvaja, a legendary seer, crossed The Ganges River to visit ashrams. Our homage to Andrew Wyeth.

Dolphin Plank
  Yoga Pose Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana

Yogis come in all shapes and sizes. Reminds us of Pool With Two Figures by David Hockney.

Yoga Pose Padmasana 

A calm oasis in muted greens and neutral tones.

Downward Facing Dog
Yoga Pose  Adho Mukha Svanasana

Or should we call it Down Dog Degas? Sort of like one of Edgar Degas's Two Blue Dancers but in pink.

Yoga Pose  Matsayasana

You can practice yoga anywhere. Really. Fresh grass green and muted pink.

Standing Half Forward Fold
Yoga Pose Ardha Uttanasana

Anyone remember White Rock sparkling water? The butterfly-winged Psyche was technically kneeling on the rock. Okay, so we took a few artistic liberties.

Horse Rider's Variation
Yoga Pose
Build heat with this dynamic standing pose. Don't forget to breathe. Primary yellow, red & blue.

Up Dog
Yoga Pose Urdhva Mukha Svasana
Shades of Toulouse Lautrec in this graceful rendering .

King Dancer
Yoga Pose  Natarajasana

With nods to Signac and Seurat, we offer a bit of pointillism.

Warrior 2 
Yoga Pose Virabhadrasana Two
The strong stance in Warrior 2 exemplifies Virabhadra, the action-hero. Our other subject leaves the frame a la Gustave Caillebotte's perspective in The Canoes. Caillebotte, an Impressionist painter, had a more realistic style than many others in the group and was recognized for his early interest in photography as an art form.

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